Concrete Repair


Pearland Concrete Contractors is ready to lend a hand with your concrete repair needs. Our concrete technicians are professionals in all things concrete, and they do concrete repairs such as resurfacing, lifting and raising, smoothing, and foundation repairs. We can fix concrete slabs for sidewalks, pathways, driveways, parking garages and even slabs around swimming pools. Our services are outstanding and our prices are likewise affordable. We additionally provide a totally free assessment on all repair work that may need to be performed before doing any work and advise you on the next actions.

Why Repair Concrete

While there are several ways to repair concrete, the main reasons to repair concrete are usually the exact same: cost and time. Repairing concrete is cheaper than ripping out and replacing damaged concrete due to the fact that much less material is used. Rather than needing to replace the entire section, we can repair the damaged section, and then bond the whole thing back together so it is equally as strong as it was initially. Repairing concrete takes less time than replacing it due to the fact that it takes a while to break up and take away old concrete, then have brand-new concrete brought in or poured. When concrete repairs are carried out by professionals like the ones we employ here at Pearland Concrete Contractors, they are going to last a long time and you can be assured of high quality workmanship with each repair that was performed.

Don't Wait Too Long

When there are repairs that need to be completed, it is important that the issues are not left unattended for long. If the repairs are not dealt with, they can get worse, or it might result in a snowball effect where the problem simply keeps growing and getting worse. Therefore, you need a concrete contractor to come by and help you. The concrete company in Pearland that you should rely on with this type of service is our crew here at Pearland Concrete Contractors. We are fully committed to the work that needs to be done, and we have the equipment, skills and ability to accomplish the proper work the right way.

Where Damage is Usually Found

Damage can be seen on elevated or sunken slabs, balconies, sidewalks, foundations or parking garages where the dirt has deteriorated or shifted. When the foundations are compromised, the whole building will begin to display signs of distress, which commonly manifests as fractures in ceilings, floors and walls. The floors can additionally be slanted, and you'll notice the doors aren't closing or opening properly. Chloride and moisture intrusion likewise damage structural concrete, causing rebar to rust and fractures or crumbling concrete.


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